5 Composting Tips to Turn Household Waste into Fertilizer

Household Waste

So you have decided you want to garden and be greener with how you use things in your household. That is fantastic! Now you want to start composting so you do not have to buy your own fertilizer, also a great choice and as with anything you need to know where to start.Read more on Compost process at http://www.kittenheelsandcompost.com/the-process-of-making-compost/

The Process of Making Compost

The Process of Making Compost

Making compost the “homemade way” is not only cost-effective; it is rather easy. The steps needed to make compost are rather basic. Simply purchasing a compost bin and filling it with items that are commonly discarded is often all that is needed to create quality compost.Read more on compost that are found in your home http://www.kittenheelsandcompost.com/20-things-you-have-around-your-home-that-you-can-compost/  .This compost will …