How To Take Care Of Your Lawn’s Sprinkler System

Maintenance and routine check-ups

Rising temperatures

We all know the infamous California sunshine in the summertime. We know how scorching hot it really gets in the valley. However, the heat does not just get us alone – we are not its only victims. The heat also gets to our plants. And, what is worse is that the global temperatures are (sadly) only going to increase with each passing year. This makes a fully functional sprinkler system for your landscapes more important than ever before.

Sprinkler maintenance

The sprinkler system is a critical part of your landscape’s overall health and irrigation systems. A fully functional sprinkler system helps in keeping your landscapes properly watered. But, as can be expected, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with a sprinkler system – things like broken sprinkler heads, leaking pipes, etc. As such, a sprinkler system will need routine maintenance in order for it to keep functioning properly. A properly functioning sprinkler system will keep your irrigation system running smoothly. This will make sure that your plants and landscapes are well watered year round. And, remember – well watered plants are healthy plants.

Common sprinkler problems

So, while you are performing a routine maintenance operation on your lawn’s sprinkler system, what are some common problems that you should keep a lookout for?

Problem 1: The sprinkler’s spray heads or its rotors could be broken or malfunctioning

There are many reasons for why a spray head and a rotor could be damaged. One of the reasons can be because of the changes in the soil that happen naturally over time – this could cause the spray nozzle to get clogged up. Another reason could be that the sprinkler system was damaged during some other lawn maintenance operation like lawn mowing maybe. Such things can cause the spray heads and rotors to break or malfunction.

Problem 2: The nozzles and spray heads could be misaligned

When you activate your sprinkler, its spray heads and rotors pop up out of the ground to water your lawns. But if, for some reason, the spray heads and rotors are not properly aligned with each other and the lawn then that could seriously mess up your entire watering system. And, you don’t want that. So, make sure to check for this. Misaligned sprinkler systems provide reduced coverage and efficiency.

Problem 3: A valve could be leaking

Valves are an important part of any sprinkler systems. However, they do suffer wear and tear over time. Again, check for this. Look for any leaking valves while you are conducting your sprinkler repair.