5 Composting Tips to Turn Household Waste into Fertilizer

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So you have decided you want to garden and be greener with how you use things in your household. That is fantastic! Now you want to start composting so you do not have to buy your own fertilizer, also a great choice and as with anything you need to know where to start.

So here are 5 very helpful hints on how to do your composting right.

  • Add a little water to your compost:

    compost waterCompost needs moisture and sometimes it simply does not get enough from what you add into it for composting. You want to add a little bit of water to your pile and it is general a good idea to do this when you are turning the pile so you can gauge how much is actually needed. Do not over water or you will get some smell, aim for the consistency of a well wrung out sponge.

  • Make scraps smaller:

    scrap the pileIt can be so tempting and easy just to chuck the scraps into the pile and call it good for the day. However to make your compost break down faster and more evenly throughout you should chop up the scraps into smaller pieces. You can get or make a handy machine for it so you don’t have to get your hands dirty while doing it.

  • No meat:

    meatMeat products are bad for a compost pile and should never be added. Not only do they break down differently and smell they will attract critters. This goes for any oil too that is either vegetable or beef fat, just say no to meat in the compost pile.

  • Manure is okay:

    manureIf you add manure, it sometimes will help out with the breakdown and make the compost richer overall. However when it comes to compost not all manure is the same, you should not add in manure from any animal that eats meat. So if you were hoping that the compost heap would be a good way to get a place for your dog or cat poo, it won’t. However, rabbits, goats and sheep would be okay any animal that has a vegetable matter diet.

  • Worms:

    wormsYou can try to add worms to your compost heap, however chances are they will die or leave because of the heat. Compost heaps require heat to decompose the matter you add to them and often times are fairly warm at the center. Worms don’t like to freeze but they do not like to be to warm either. So it is usually better not to spend the money in getting them.

These are just a couple helpful and main tips of things to keep in mind for turning your household waste into fertilizer that will work for you in the garden or potted plants. Composting is not as hard as it may seem at first and it can be very rewarding. You get rich compost for your plants and you help save the planet.

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