Garden Compost Tumbler: A Roundup Of Models

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Many people today make compost tea to water their vegetables or flowers with.  This not only gives them the water that they need but will also supply them with nutrients to help them to grow healthier.  This is a natural way to feed and water your plants giving them a natural organic way to grow without the use of chemicals.  Many of the organic gardeners not only make the tea for their plants but will also have some sort of a tumbler to make all natural compost from yard clippings, vegetable peelings and other non greasy degradable food products.

Why Make Compost

The mixture of lawn waste and other degradable items such as peelings and such will mix together in these tumblers and as they are turned, air will add in the mixture allowing the mixture to decay.  Then the mixture can be mixed with the soil that your plants are planted in or can be used by itself in a bed or pot.  This is an all natural mixture that will provide nutrients to your plants that will help them to grow strong and healthy.  Many organic gardeners will use this when they are trying to grow their own prize roses for their flower club.

What Can You Use To Make Compost

  • Eggshells
  • Wood ash
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Shredded paper
  • Hay or straw
  • Tea leaves

How To Use These Items

Selecting your compost tumbler is an important decision in making the proper compost that works for your gardening needs.  There are several types to choose from such as the traditional model that is designed on legs.  It contains a barrel type cylinder that stands on legs, so that it can be turned on its stand to mix your compost.  There is also a dual chamber tumbler that will work great for some gardeners, because it is made with two chambers allowing you to make two different batches of compost at the same time.  This will allow the gardener to have a constant supply of new compost to add to their gardens for healthier plants.  There are various other models to choose from some people have even made their own designs.

After selecting your tumbler and gathering required material that you need to get your desired results, you are ready to get started.  Put your ingredients into your tumbler and turn your tumbler per directions that are recommended by your recipe or by the manufacturer.  As most gardeners know there are a variety of different ingredients that can be used and the different ingredients will add different nutrients to your soil such as carbon and nitrogen.  This will need to be adjusted according to the needs of the plants that you are growing and what nutrients are needed in the soil.  Different plants need different nutrients for a healthier growth cycle.  Many gardeners will choose the spin bin compost tumbler to make the mixture of the proper ingredients in their compost.


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